Drainage Correction Repairs in Dallas Fort Worth, TX

What Is Drainage Correction?

Inadequate drainage can lead to water accumulation, which can expand the earth and press against your foundation. As a result, there may be uneven earth moving, which might crack your home’s foundation and harm its infrastructure.

Damage may be indicated by broken windows, doors, and ceilings as well as by walls and ceiling fissures. Our knowledgeable staff provides residential foundation drainage and drainage repair services throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Find out more, and contact us to arrange a free estimate right now.

Drainage Correction

Most Common Drainage Problems


May be brought on by particles that wash into the system, such as tissue, hair, and food. Drains that are clogged might become less efficient over time and eventually clog again. Water may begin to back up and overflow out of sinks, toilets, and bathtubs if the pipes are totally clogged.

Root encroachments

Because tree roots naturally look for a way to get to a water supply, they frequently develop in the drain pipe’s joints. If ignored, this may result in joint displacement and, in extreme situations, complete drain collapse.

Frozen Pipes

A drainage system may become completely or partially blocked in the winter when water freezes in a pipe.


may be brought on by issues with landscape drainage. Inadequate grading of the lawn can result in water accumulating in the most awkward places.


Patio jointing or pointing is the most prevalent flaw. Usually, this happens because the jointing was done improperly.

Inadequate perimeter drainage infrastructure

Inadequate perimeter drainage systems or incorrect foundation grading can cause basements to flood.

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What Homeowners in Dallas Fort Worth, TX Need to Know About Restoring Their Drainage System

There are several reasons why it might be essential to hire a drainage specialist. Call the experts at Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX if your house has a moist basement. A standing water area or a swamp in your yard are other indicators of drainage problems. A flooded crawlspace or basement is frequently an expensive and even disastrous issue, although a moist lawn can be annoying. The best course of action is to address foundation concerns first since the proper slope will divert water away from your foundation. Find out more about the drainage correction services our staff in Dallas, Texas may provide for your residence or place of business:


Four inches of flexible PVC pipe and area drains measuring nine by nine or twelve by twelve inches are usually included in a surface drainage system. Water is gathered at ground level by the system and directed away from the house. Installing a sump pump system can be required if there is insufficient natural slope to allow the water to gravity drain away.


Appropriate drainage is necessary for every home. Poor drainage systems can cause homes to heave. This heaving of the foundation puts stress on the foundation and structure (i.e., if water ponds within 4 feet or so of the foundation after watering or rain).

French Drain

A trench filled with rock or gravel serves as a French drainage system, diverting surface and/or groundwater from a certain region. A perforated hollow pipe at the bottom of a French drain collects water that seeps through the upper layer of rock or gravel. mostly employed to stop groundwater from moving beneath the foundation. Movement outside seasonal averages might be caused by groundwater under a foundation.


The most popular purpose for a French drain is to gather and direct groundwater to prevent it from entering the residence below ground. A slab foundation that receives groundwater under it may experience periodic ups and downs, which may lead to foundation issues.

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Cost for Drainage Correction Repair Fort Worth, TX

Homeowners often hesitate to address signs of foundation damage in their homes due to concerns about potential costs. However, delaying attention to these issues can lead to more extensive and expensive repairs down the line.

The first step is to promptly contact a reliable inspector when you notice signs of deterioration in your foundation. With their expertise, they can accurately distinguish between superficial wear and significant structural problems requiring restoration.

The expenses for foundation repairs can vary based on factors such as property size, the severity of foundation faults, and the duration of the damage. Additional considerations include fluctuations in material prices, local labor conditions, and factors like safety protocols.

A reputable restoration partner will provide transparent evaluation results and assist you in selecting the most suitable solution within your budget. Established foundation repair companies, with decades of experience, often offer flexible payment plans to ease the financial burden of significant repairs.

By addressing foundation issues promptly and partnering with a trusted restoration company, you can protect your home’s integrity and finances in the long run.

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How Drainage Is Corrected?

Various drainage issues can pose risks to the stability of your foundation, necessitating repairs or reinforcement to restore its integrity. To strengthen and stabilize your structure, our team of experts can fix drain issues onto your existing foundation. While this retrofitting process may cause temporary disruptions to your daily activities, ensuring the long-term durability of your home or business is paramount. The following steps outline the process for correcting the drainage in your foundation:

First, we’ll identify the locations for the installations within the structure. To provide us access, all bushes and vegetation around these spots need to be removed. The remaining lawn surrounding the home will then be covered with tarps. To get access to the region where the new piers must be built, we must drill little holes at the installation places as the final stage in this process.

We’ll force a lot of steel pipes into the ground using a hydraulic ram until we discover stable foundation support there. The house’s weight will eventually be moved from the unstable soil to a more secure foundation by the installation of steel piers on top of this permanent support.

In order to return the internal floor levels to their normal position, hydraulic jacks will be used if necessary. Homes where the floor has started to sink as a result of insufficient support must do this. To guarantee a gradual and even lift, we finish this procedure gently and cautiously.

After the structure is raised, the hydraulic jacks are replaced with concrete supports to keep the structure in position. After that, we’ll fill up any spaces we dug out to get to the foundation and tidy up any leftover materials to complete the project.

Customer Testimonials

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Jull H.
Jull H.
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Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX, provided an on-time, comprehensive evaluation of my home for foundation and drainage concerns. The assessment was detailed and conveyed with honesty, reassuring me that our foundation was in good condition. Additionally, they offered some drainage improvement suggestions without any sales pressure, purely based on their expert opinion. I'm very grateful for their professionalism and integrity. Highly recommended for their outstanding service, I will surely reach out to them again if needed in the future.
Debbie W.
Debbie W.
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As a buyer agent seeking a second opinion on a foundation concern flagged in an inspection report, I found Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX, to be exceptionally accommodating. They managed to fit us in at the last minute during the hectic Christmas season for a comprehensive evaluation. Their professionalism, honesty, and reassurance were notable, especially since it was determined that no immediate work was necessary. This company has earned my trust, and I will definitely contact them again for future services.
Agela R.
Agela R.
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After relocating to an older townhome that seemed to exhibit potential foundation issues, I was impressed by Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX's prompt and exceptional service. They expedited my appointment, and the consultant was not only friendly but also incredibly helpful, even when it was concluded that foundation repair was not needed. Their willingness to still assist in diagnosing and offering solutions for my concerns was beyond commendable. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of reliable foundation repair services.
John K.
John K.
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The consultant from Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX, provided a friendly and honest evaluation of our foundation, informing us that no repairs were necessary. This honesty, especially when we were prepared to cover repair costs, was greatly appreciated. Even a gesture to tip for their valuable time was politely declined, further highlighting their integrity. This company comes highly recommended for their trustworthy and professional service.
Erica E.
Erica E.
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My interaction with Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX, particularly with their structural analyst, was nothing short of professional. After a thorough inspection of my house, he provided a detailed explanation of the findings, advising that despite some anomalies, there was no immediate cause for concern. This approach of serving rather than selling was highly reassuring. I am encouraged to reach out with any questions, reinforcing my trust in their services.
Amanda F.
Amanda F.
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Moving into a 42-year-old house, we noticed some minor signs of potential foundation issues. Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX, conducted a courteous and thorough examination, alleviating our fears with their honest feedback. While future repairs might be necessary, their transparent approach has provided us with peace of mind. I am grateful for their help and know exactly who to call for any future foundation repair needs.

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