Commercial Foundation Repair in Dallas Fort Worth, TX

Commercial Foundation Repair

Commercial building foundation repairs require a contractor with certain training and expertise. We are DFW Metroplex’s leading company foundation repair specialists; many other foundation repair businesses only work on single-family houses.

For both commercial and residential structures, we offer full foundation repair services. Big or small, you can depend on us to tackle any foundation problem. We have effectively strengthened the foundations of several industrial and commercial buildings. We are reliable in finishing any business foundation repair project, and for your additional piece of mind, we offer a guarantee on our labor. Contact us right now to arrange for a business foundation assessment and to find out more about our expert foundation repair services.

commercial foundation repair in fort worth, tx

Tools of Commercial Foundation Repair

The same tools of the trade are used for residential and commercial foundation repairs; however, larger versions of the standard repair materials are used for commercial foundation repairs.

Steel pier systems, including helical and push piers, function as subterranean stilts pushed into bedrock or competent, load-bearing soil. Both push piers and helical piers are available in a range of sizes to best suit various project requirements. Galvanized steel, some of which can support a maximum load capacity of 74,000 pounds, makes up piers.

Push and helical piers are often used every 4 feet for tilt-up structures with a continuous foundation, as opposed to every 6 feet for residential restorations. For the piers to support the additional weight, they must be used in a closer area.

There are pad footers between each building panel in certain tilt-up buildings, but there is no footing between one pad footer and the next. Piers are used on the walls and pad footers in this instance.

Another material that is frequently used for void fill and soil densification in commercial foundation underpinning is polyurethane. Moreover, epoxy and carbon fiber material are used to fix cracks in commercial foundations.

Ultimately, the project specifications and material selection are made by the engineers. To put it briefly, the material’s size and the structure’s load always match. Our bids are always predicated on the engineer’s design.

Where Do We Commercially Repair Foundation?

Light industrial buildings
Loading docks
Parking garages
Small office spaces
Grocery stores
Gas stations
Tilt-up buildings

and more…

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Our staff is aware that our clients are not specialists in foundations. We make every effort to assist you with comprehending the original construction of your foundation, the reasons for its destruction, and the steps we may take to restore it. You’ll know exactly what the issue is when our team is on your side, and you can relax knowing that our experts are taking care of it. Our professional foundation repair services are reasonably priced, so you won’t have to spend more money than is required. Give us a call and we’ll start fixing your business foundation. For a free quote on business foundation repair in Dallas, Texas, get in touch with us right now.

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Commercial Foundation Repair FAQs

Signs of foundation issues include cracks in walls, uneven floors, or doors and windows that stick. If you notice any of these, it’s wise to have a professional inspection.
The time varies depending on the extent of the damage and the repair method. Minor repairs may take a few days, while more extensive repairs can take weeks.
In many cases, repairs can be done without major disruptions. However, it’s best to plan for some level of inconvenience, especially for more extensive repairs.
It’s not advisable to postpone repairs, even if the issues seem minor. Small cracks or unevenness can indicate larger problems that may worsen over time and become more costly to fix.

Customer Testimonials

What People Are Saying

Jull H.
Jull H.
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Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX, provided an on-time, comprehensive evaluation of my home for foundation and drainage concerns. The assessment was detailed and conveyed with honesty, reassuring me that our foundation was in good condition. Additionally, they offered some drainage improvement suggestions without any sales pressure, purely based on their expert opinion. I'm very grateful for their professionalism and integrity. Highly recommended for their outstanding service, I will surely reach out to them again if needed in the future.
Debbie W.
Debbie W.
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As a buyer agent seeking a second opinion on a foundation concern flagged in an inspection report, I found Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX, to be exceptionally accommodating. They managed to fit us in at the last minute during the hectic Christmas season for a comprehensive evaluation. Their professionalism, honesty, and reassurance were notable, especially since it was determined that no immediate work was necessary. This company has earned my trust, and I will definitely contact them again for future services.
Agela R.
Agela R.
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After relocating to an older townhome that seemed to exhibit potential foundation issues, I was impressed by Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX's prompt and exceptional service. They expedited my appointment, and the consultant was not only friendly but also incredibly helpful, even when it was concluded that foundation repair was not needed. Their willingness to still assist in diagnosing and offering solutions for my concerns was beyond commendable. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of reliable foundation repair services.
John K.
John K.
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The consultant from Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX, provided a friendly and honest evaluation of our foundation, informing us that no repairs were necessary. This honesty, especially when we were prepared to cover repair costs, was greatly appreciated. Even a gesture to tip for their valuable time was politely declined, further highlighting their integrity. This company comes highly recommended for their trustworthy and professional service.
Erica E.
Erica E.
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My interaction with Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX, particularly with their structural analyst, was nothing short of professional. After a thorough inspection of my house, he provided a detailed explanation of the findings, advising that despite some anomalies, there was no immediate cause for concern. This approach of serving rather than selling was highly reassuring. I am encouraged to reach out with any questions, reinforcing my trust in their services.
Amanda F.
Amanda F.
Read More
Moving into a 42-year-old house, we noticed some minor signs of potential foundation issues. Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX, conducted a courteous and thorough examination, alleviating our fears with their honest feedback. While future repairs might be necessary, their transparent approach has provided us with peace of mind. I am grateful for their help and know exactly who to call for any future foundation repair needs.

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