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We are here to provide peace of mind with our effective, economical, and long-lasting foundation repair services, regardless of the cracks, settling, or other foundation issues you may be experiencing in Fort Worth.

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A 15-year journey is not too long, but we are proud that our dedication and efforts have been recognized along the way.

Where Do We Repair?

We specialize in a variety of foundation repair services. We offer specialized solutions to match your demands, ranging from small repairs to extensive repairs.

Commercial Foundation Repair

Strengthen your business with our concrete slab repair, pier and beam fix, and ground stabilization services.

Residential Foundation Repair

Secure your residence. We provide swift crack repair, precise house leveling, and effective drainage correction.

Pier and Beam Foundation Failture

Causes of Foundation Problems in Fort Worth, TX

Moisture is one of the main factors that contribute to structural degradation of any type. Moisture is known to provide termites and other harmful organisms like fungus and mold with the ideal environment for reproduction, which can harm your foundation’s pier and beam support system. Another frequent reason for structural deterioration to the support system of your foundation is subpar original design or subpar repair work done by another business. Foundation footers will shift when dirt starts to sink in different directions, resulting in more damage.

When it comes to pier and beam foundation issues, the root reason is sometimes as straightforward as wood that needs to be replaced or requires better ventilation since it has gotten worn and rotting from excessive mildew or fungal development.

What Homeowners in Dallas Fort Worth, TX Need to Know About Restoring Their Foundation

We at Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX are familiar with Texas soils. We understand the issues with the various soil types in the region and have a great deal of expertise with foundation repair in the Fort Worth and Dallas metro areas. Our committed professionals, who have over a century of experience in both commercial and residential work, try to ensure that the repair process runs as smoothly as possible for you.

More than just foundation repair is what we do. We provide drainage, root barriers, under slab tunneling, foundation watering, plumbing, and foundation heaving and leak repair from the foundation up.

Identifying the Issues of Foundations in Fort Worth, TX

For over a century, Fort Worth, Texas, has been addressing structural issues in its foundations. These problems become evident when internal walls develop cracks, doors struggle to open or close due to frame misalignment, and windows become difficult to operate. Another telltale sign is floors that slope, sink, or begin to warp.

To rectify these foundation issues, shims are utilized to adjust the subfloor and support the underlying structure at various points, ensuring uniform height across the foundation. Because materials can shrink over time and the ground may shift, regular “re-shimming” becomes necessary to maintain stability.

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Cost for Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX

One of the most frequent queries is “How much will it cost to fix my foundation problems?” The expenses of foundation repair in the Dallas-Fort Worth region of Texas can vary greatly.

Although the Fort Worth, Texas, area may see average foundation repair expenses of around $5000, we often provide quotes for foundation repairs between $2000 and $15,000. You may get a free estimate from Granite with no obligations.

Though there are numerous variables, the kind and degree of the foundation repair will most likely have the biggest financial impact.

This website contains information on the price of residential foundation repair in Dallas, Fort Worth, TX only. There may be other considerations for commercial foundation repairs.

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Our Foundation Repair Services vs. Theirs

Our Foundation Repair Analysis

Our Foundation Repair Services

Only at Foundation Repair Fort Worth, Texas is the most accurate foundation assessment accessible. The movement of the foundation and what has to be fixed are explained by our special slope map.

Foundation Repair Survey of Competitor

Their Foundation Repair Services

Compare more than just the price. Even though they could be using the same tools, a drawing like this involves a lot of guesswork, and the suggested amount of effort varies greatly.

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A True Assessment: We Take The Time.

Our trained technicians will use the latest technology to do a full assessment of your home. Our unique evaluation process includes:

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Expert Engineers

Specialized in comprehensive foundation assessments and repairs.

Quality Materials

We use industry-leading materials for lasting foundation stability.

Detailed Proposal

Detailed inspections lead to personalized repair plans for your home.

About Us

Foundation Repair Company in Fort Worth, TX for More Than 15 Years

Our main objective has always been to ensure that our consumers are satisfied. It might be difficult to deal with drainage issues or foundation deterioration. Our procedure is intended to make the process of repairing structural problems as stress-free as feasible for our clients. Foundation Repair Fort Worth TX is available to assist property owners in need of repairs, whether they are business owners, buyers, sellers, or just homeowners in general. With an average tenure of nearly nine years, our team of structural experts has evaluated foundations in the Fort Worth, Texas area.

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Importance of Professional Foundation Repair

How We Repair Foundations

Numerous environmental elements and other outside influences have the potential to harm and compromise the stability of your foundation. When this happens, your foundation will need to be repaired or strengthened to return to its previous strength. To strengthen and stabilize your building again, our experts can install steel I-beams onto your existing foundation. Even if the retrofitting procedure may interfere with your everyday routine, it’s vital to make sure your house or place of business will last for many years. The steps listed below will be used to fix your foundation:

First, we’ll identify the locations for the installations within the structure. To provide us access, all bushes and vegetation around these spots need to be removed. The remaining lawn surrounding the home will then be covered with tarps. To get access to the region where the new piers must be built, we must drill little holes at the installation places as the final stage in this process.

We’ll force a lot of steel pipes into the ground using a hydraulic ram until we discover stable foundation support there. The house’s weight will eventually be moved from the unstable soil to a more secure foundation by the installation of steel piers on top of this permanent support.

In order to return the internal floor levels to their normal position, hydraulic jacks will be used if necessary. Homes where the floor has started to sink as a result of insufficient support must do this. To guarantee a gradual and even lift, we finish this procedure gently and cautiously.

After the structure is raised, the hydraulic jacks are replaced with concrete supports to keep the structure in position. After that, we’ll fill up any spaces we dug out to get to the foundation and tidy up any leftover materials to complete the project.

Quality services

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Main Services We Offer

Slab Foundation Repair

Strengthen and stabilize your concrete slab foundation.

Pier & Beam Foundation Repair

Restore the integrity of your pier and beam structure.

Steel Piers Repair

Reinforce foundation stability with steel pier adjustments.

Crawl Space Repair

Securely fortify your home's crawl space integrity.

Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing your basement with our quality waterproofing solutions.

Drainage Correction

Improve water flow to protect your foundation.

Foundation Waterproofing

Shield your foundation from moisture intrusion.

House Leveling

Professional house leveling services ensure your home's stability and safety.

Root Barriers

Don't let the roots of trees get in way of your foundation causing damage.

Helical Piers Repair

Restore the integrity of your helical pier structure in Fort Worth, TX.


Let's Create a Solid Foundation Together.

Got foundation repair queries? Our Fort Worth experts deliver clear, concise answers. Spot issues, understand repairs, and learn upkeep essentials. Contact us anytime for straight-to-the-point guidance.

The price varies based on many different factors but the average cost of a foundation repair job performed by Fort Worth Foundation Repair, TX is $3,784.92.

Our team starts the process by digging holes straight down along the foundation, next to the determined spots where piers should be placed. Once we have an accurately sized hole, we begin to install the piers. The piers are installed in sections, starting directly under the slab with different types of locking mechanisms keeping them aligned.

Common signs of foundation issues include:

Water bill inconsistencies – If your water bill shoots up suddenly, it may indicate a foundation issue related to a plumbing leak.

Odors – A foul odor coming from soil surrounding the house is another warning sign of foundation problems.

Cracks – This is the most common issue homeowners notice. Signs of foundation issues in relation to cracks include several cracks popping up on walls, near ceilings above doors and in corners.

Doors and door frames – If you begin to notice that doors are not opening or shutting properly or are not matching to the frame properly as it once did, this is another foundation issue indication.

Separation of freeze boards – the jointed trim near the roofline and on the corners of the home.

Expansion joints – the lines in between bricks that look like caulking.

Most of the foundation repair methods can be considered permanent solutions. However, it does not guarantee that you will never have issues with your foundation again. There are several factors such as harsh weather, and shifting soil structures can cause damage to a foundation and require repairs, even if it has already gone through repairs in the past.

If your home or building has a foundation problem occurring in one area, a foundation repair can help your home remain structurally sound and thus upholding the value. We offer our foundation inspection services freely so that homeowners can get a truly accurate picture of what the problems are, and the repair solutions are needed.

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Jull H.
Jull H.
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Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX, provided an on-time, comprehensive evaluation of my home for foundation and drainage concerns. The assessment was detailed and conveyed with honesty, reassuring me that our foundation was in good condition. Additionally, they offered some drainage improvement suggestions without any sales pressure, purely based on their expert opinion. I'm very grateful for their professionalism and integrity. Highly recommended for their outstanding service, I will surely reach out to them again if needed in the future.
Debbie W.
Debbie W.
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As a buyer agent seeking a second opinion on a foundation concern flagged in an inspection report, I found Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX, to be exceptionally accommodating. They managed to fit us in at the last minute during the hectic Christmas season for a comprehensive evaluation. Their professionalism, honesty, and reassurance were notable, especially since it was determined that no immediate work was necessary. This company has earned my trust, and I will definitely contact them again for future services.
Agela R.
Agela R.
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After relocating to an older townhome that seemed to exhibit potential foundation issues, I was impressed by Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX's prompt and exceptional service. They expedited my appointment, and the consultant was not only friendly but also incredibly helpful, even when it was concluded that foundation repair was not needed. Their willingness to still assist in diagnosing and offering solutions for my concerns was beyond commendable. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of reliable foundation repair services.
John K.
John K.
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The consultant from Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX, provided a friendly and honest evaluation of our foundation, informing us that no repairs were necessary. This honesty, especially when we were prepared to cover repair costs, was greatly appreciated. Even a gesture to tip for their valuable time was politely declined, further highlighting their integrity. This company comes highly recommended for their trustworthy and professional service.
Erica E.
Erica E.
Read More
My interaction with Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX, particularly with their structural analyst, was nothing short of professional. After a thorough inspection of my house, he provided a detailed explanation of the findings, advising that despite some anomalies, there was no immediate cause for concern. This approach of serving rather than selling was highly reassuring. I am encouraged to reach out with any questions, reinforcing my trust in their services.
Amanda F.
Amanda F.
Read More
Moving into a 42-year-old house, we noticed some minor signs of potential foundation issues. Foundation Repair Fort Worth, TX, conducted a courteous and thorough examination, alleviating our fears with their honest feedback. While future repairs might be necessary, their transparent approach has provided us with peace of mind. I am grateful for their help and know exactly who to call for any future foundation repair needs.

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